Hilsa to be more delicious for decrease in water pollution

Published : 09 Jul 2020 09:36 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 10:05 PM
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Experts said that this year’s Hilsa will be more delicious as the pollution in the river has been reduced due to the closure of traffic for several months in the Corona situation. Besides, it has been reported that Hilsa is being caught more this time due to the increase in river water caused by more rain.

Hilsa researcher Dr Anisur Rahman of Chandpur Fisheries Research Institute said, “Hilsa season is coming up (August, September and October) and this year the Hilsa will be more delicious. 

We have tested the water of the river and the pollution has decreased due to the lockdown in the corona situation. That is why fishes like Hilsa have been able to roam freely.”

He also said, “The condition of the river is very congenial for fish food, so this time the Hilsa will be more delicious and more palatable. 

Even though the import of Hilsa has increased at the biggest fish Ghat in Chandpur, the fishing Ghat at the big railway station, the retail price in the city and sub-urban hat bazars is not decreasing”.

People at the big station fishing Ghat, said that many fish trawlers, seven to eight trucks, mini trucks and pickups bring Hilsa fish from southern Bhola, Hatia, Char Alexander, Char Fashion, Kamalnagar in Laxmipur, Charbairabi area of Haimchar in Chandpur and later, they are transported to other regions of the country.

Abdul Khaleq Mal, president of the Fisheries Merchants’ Association said trawlers, trucks and mini-trucks have been bringing a lot of Hilsa fish to the wharf from the southern districts for the past few days. 

Every day two to three thousand mounds of Hilsa fish is brought to this fishing ground. Fish traders and day laborers are now busy from morning till night.

Going to the fish market of the district town, it was seen that Hilsa weighing 1 kg is being sold at Tk 1000 per kg, Hilsa of 600 grams is being sold at Tk 600-700 and Hilsa of 500-600 grams is being sold at Tk 500-600.