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Hilsa price high in peak season

Published : 06 Aug 2022 10:01 PM | Updated : 06 Aug 2022 10:01 PM

Capital city people are deprived of having the real taste of Hilsa fish as its price is climbing up in its peak season.

With the arriving of large size Hilsa in different kitchen markets of the capital, price of this fish is going beyond the buying capacity of the common people.

However, they (buyers) are saying during the peak season, high price of Hilsa is nothing but manipulation by traders.

Such high price of Hilsa fish was found while visiting some kitchen markets of the capital on Friday and Saturday.

Acknowledging the increase in prices, traders said that scarcity of Hilsa is prevailing now as Hilsa in much quantity is not being caught in the rivers of Chandpur and Barisal areas. Hilsa does not come directly to them from there.

If they could buy Hilsa directly, the price would have come down a lot. But as several hands are involved before reaching Hilsa in the market, its price goes up, the traders added.

However, they have also pointed that Hilsa is available from different sources. Like price of Padma Hilsa is higher than that of the Hilsa coming from Chattogram.

On the other hand, due to public holiday there are rush of buyers. But supply of Hilsa from Padma river is not adequate against the demand. Hence its price is high.

As per the market scenario, price of 1 kg Hilsa is around Tk 1400 to Tk 1500, and Hilsa that weighs between 1kg and 2 kg is being sold at Tk 1800 to Tk 2000. However, Hilsa weighs below 1 kg is being sold at Tk 850 to Tk 900.

But an opposite scenario is prevailing at Mawa. As the anglers are catching Hilsha abundantly, its price has come down there.

At least 10,000 fishermen from Lauhjung, Shariatpur, Madaripur Shibchar, Pabna, Chandpur and Sirajganj come to sell fish to 38 artaddars in Mawa. Hilsa weighing 1 kg to and 1.5 kg was used to be sold at Tk 1500 to Tk 1600 per kg but now it is being sold for Tk 1200 to Tk 1300.