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Hilsa fishing resumes after 22 days

Published : 28 Oct 2022 09:39 PM | Updated : 29 Oct 2022 04:13 PM

Following the 22-day government ban from October 7 to October 28, the main breeding season of hilsa, fishermen again sailed for hilsa fishing from Friday midnight. 

Earlier, fishermen in the coastal districts completed all preparations including net weaving, trawlers repair and repairing old fishing nets. There was a ban on hilsa collection, transportation and marketing across the country for 22 days starting from October 7 midnight.

These decisions were made at the meeting of the National Task Force Committee on the Development of Hilsa Resources in order to determine the timing of hilsa harvesting during the main breeding season and to implement the mother hilsa conservation campaign 2022 in the conference room of the Department of Fisheries in the capital’s Matsa Bhavan. Fisheries and Livestock Minister SM Rezaul Karim presided over the meeting.

According to the statement of the minister at the end of the meeting, if anyone violated the government rules and their involvement was found, strict action would be taken against such miscreants who destroy hilsa resources. 

The fisheries department believes that the hilsa target will be achieved as hilsa fishing has been stopped for 22 days.

In addition to day operations, night operations have also been intensified during the restricted period. The local administration took measures to stop ice mills in the respective districts and upazilas.

It should be noted that the Jatka protection program started in Bangladesh from 2003-04. Since then, the production of hilsa is gradually increasing.