Hilsa catching resumes tomorrow after ban

Published : 28 Jun 2020 10:51 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:24 PM
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The season of catching Hilsha fish starts from July this year since the ban of catching the fish ends on June 30. Already large-sized Hilsha fish have started to enter the markets. 

According to the calendar of the Department of Fisheries, the catching of the Hilsha fish will continue for the next three months, with a one-third catching of total fish of the year. 

However, Dr. Anisur Rahman, Researcher on Hilsha fish at Chandpur informed, the season of Hilsha usually starts from August and continues till October. 

But, whenever, there is excessive rainfall and a huge accumulation of water in the river, the Hilsha starts to enter into the rivers during the first week of July or during the middle of the month.  

He further opined, due to pollution-free rivers during the lockdown, the size,  quality and taste of Hilsha will be increased this year. 

Hilsha researchers informed, due to lockdown and Coronavirus situation from the end of March, the water of the rivers remained more or less pollution-free and those rivers remained full in water to the brim due to effect of Cyclone Amphan.  

Only a few fishermen entered into the river due to same reason. Many industries situated beside the rivers also remained closed and moving of boats and trawlers through the rivers also remained restricted resulting in a 'bumper production' of Hilsha in the rivers.   

Meer Mohammad Ali, Dean of the Faculty of Aquaculture and Marine Science of Sher-e-Bangla Agriculture University informed, nature remained in a holiday mood due to people staying home due to lockdown, closure of movement of riverine vessels and the industries. 

As a result, there is a huge possibility of harvesting of huge Hilsha fish this year. Moreover, there was plenty of natural fish feed and the water quality of rivers remained pollution-free that is why the size and taste of Hilsha are also likely to increase this year. 

Sources informed, Hilshas in schools have already started to enter in the rivers of the country by traversing nearly 500 kilometres of the vast sea waters. It is hoped, all the situations being congenial for breeding and growth of Hilsha, there will be a huge catch of the fish this year.