Highest internet connection in August

Number of the country’s internet users increased by 19.60 lakh in August, which is the highest compared to other months of recent years. Now the total number of internet users of the country is 9.8136 crore. A report published by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) revealed it.

According to the BTRC report, some 19.59 lakh new users received internet connection from the two leading mobile operators Grameenphone (GP) and Robi, the rest one lakh new operators received connection from fixed broadband sector. Till August last, the country’s total fixed broadband users are 57.35 lakh while the WiMAX internet users, which is gradually decreasing stood at 40,000, as per the report.

However, the growth of the mobile internet users which going through various stretches last couple of months have surprised the concerned industry insiders. Especially, the huge increase of the number of internet users of GP and Robi. Yet, they are terming the growth a positive sign for the industry.

According to the BTRC report, there is no specific data regarding the internet connectivity from the operators but experts opined that GP and Robi have contributed to the significant increase. In July last, internet users increased by 2.30 lakh and during June the number was 17.54 lakh, based on the BTRC report.

The BTRC data also showed that the total active mobile connections stand at 16.26 crore, of which Grameenphone is leading with 7.56 crore, Robi is in the second position with 4.78 crores and Banglalink and Teletalk are at 3.48 crore and 43.87 lakh respectively.