High voltage testing lab to be set up

The government will set up a high voltage testing laboratory to ensure the quality of electronic equipment across the country. 

To this end, it has been planned to set up the laboratory under the Power Cell with funding from the Power Division and hiring experts, power division officials said. 

An official of the power division said that ‘Most of the high voltage equipment that are being installed in the country now are installed without any testing, relying only on the manufacturers. However, our power system is expanding. Now we are using a lot of high voltage components. That is why it is important to have a world class laboratory.’ 

Currently there is no government laboratory for testing high voltage equipment. Usually private companies test such parts on their own initiative. On the other hand, two engineering universities- BUET and DUET- conduct some tests in a short range. However, this is not enough. As a result, sometimes it is not possible to ensure the quality of electrical equipment manufactured by foreign companies.

According to the new Electricity Act, the government will set up a laboratory to test these high voltage components. Private organisations or individuals will be able to inspect the parts there by paying a certain charge for the parts test.

It also said private organizations must have to inspect their manufactured transformers and all of electrical equipment to obtain certificate.

However, the government has also been thinking of star labeling in electrical appliances for a long time. That being said, even small sized devices need to have star labeling. A device will be labeled depending on how much energy it saves. The government is going to introduce this star labeling system at a massive rate to save electricity. With the addition of setting up a high voltage testing laboratory for personal use, it is believed that efforts are being made to bring more accuracy to the electrical equipment.

Engineer Mohammad Hossain, director general of Power Cell, said that, "An independent company will be formed to set up a high voltage testing laboratory. The test will not be neutral if it is not an independent body. This institution will give a certificate after checking the parts.”