Hiding casino cash rampant

In the background of ongoing crackdown against casinos, big fishes involved in the business are now busy hiding money to save themselves. Commenting on various key casino-related persons, law enforcement personnel said they are examining their involvement, and is finalising a list. Meanwhile, a preliminary list of police officers 'special privileges' has been made from the casino business. The list also contains the names of 10-15 senior officers. Already, disciplinary action has been taken against four.

In this regard, a senior officer at the police headquarters said that the list of the people directly involved with the casino operation has been finalized. After the arrest of Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan, GK Shamim and Shafiqul Alam Firoz, who were sacked from the Jubo League, the names of many police officers, political leaders and various professionals involved in the illegal business continued to come out, who directly or indirectly received money from the business. 

The official added that many are busy in hiding cash.  It is learned that the investigating agencies are questioning Khaled, Shamim and Firoz on remand. They have given information on influentials . 

However, law enforcement agencies are scrutinizing the information. Investigators are trying to obtain information on the mobile phones of those whose names have come up. Some of them are trying to hide the money in the house. Their names are also in the hands of the companies. Investigators said that the RAB started questioning Khaled from Thursday. He was being interrogated by DB police for so long. RAB is also interrogating Shamim and Firoz. However, seven bodyguards of Shamim were sent to jail by the court yesterday after their remand expired.

During interrogation, Khaled said that he entered the Awami League affiliated organization,  Jubo League, in 2013 through a huge showdown. Though not a general member of the party, he took up important posts like organizing secretary of the metropolitan South Jubo League in exchange for big money. Later, he took control of the tenders of the EM divisions of the Railways, Sports Councils, Krishi Bhavan, Rajuk and PWD, building a huge cadre force. He has made crores of taka dealing with casinos.

An investigation has been launched against police officers involved in the money scam in casinos and gambling in the capital.  Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has started investigating secretly about the amount of money taken by some officers.  As a part of this, disciplinary action has been taken against four of the DMP's intelligence wing (DB) and three officers of the crime division. In addition, an investigation is underway against 10-15 other senior officers. 

DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam told reporters that the process of initiating departmental action against them has been initiated by identifying the two policemen who assisted the Nepalese nationals involved in the casino trade to escape. Investigation into the incident is underway.