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Herbal clinics mushrooming in Rajshahi

Published : 13 May 2022 09:14 PM

A large number of unauthorised herbal clinics and dispensaries have been mushrooming in Rajshahi. Many of those herbal clinics are also casting obscene advertisements through local cable networks which have been making the TV viewers irritating and annoyed, specially while they were watching TV with their family members. Often the children, after watching those advertisements, were asking the elderly members of family to clarify certain scene or languages of the ads when the elderly members were experiencing an awkward situation and failing to answer their queries. 

Though those obscene advertisements were being telecast for a long time with the patronisation of local cable network businessman, local administration remained indifferent in taking any action against them. Occasionally, the mobile court conducted drive in some of those herbal clinics and fining or jailing those but cheating the people through those clinics is not being abated. By changing names, those clinics were starting their business once again.

According to concerned sources, in almost every busy crossings of the city, there are 20 to 30 such herbal clinics which have no licences or any sort of permission from the drug and narcotics control authorities. But, those herbal clinics were treating patients and selling medicine to them of various diseases including sexual diseases with warranty. To motivate people to take treatment to their clinics, obscene advertisements were being telecast. 

The language and scene of those advertisements are so objectionable and irritating that those cannot be watched with family members. Common people are also being cheated by those advertisements. 

It is learnt, more than 100 herbal clinics and dispensaries have been set up in Rajshahi city and at the upazila levels. 

Some of the influential clinics including Kolkata Herbal, India Herbal, Modern Herbal were conducting their business of cheating by managing the administration. 

Even, all nine upazilas of the district, those herbal clinics were operating through cable operators. Various hats and markets of the upazilas and the rural areas have been flooded with herbal medicine as well. 

According to sources, for various limitations, drug administration was failing to take action against those herbal clinics and practitioners. 

Sources informed, most of the herbal drugs were being prepared with various herbs, creepers, fruits and chemicals. Taking the reputation of good effects of herbs and Ayurvedic medicine, a section of Hekim and Kaviraj were malpracticing by endangering the lives of people. Moreover, many people were also preparing the adulterated drugs without procuring any licences. Those malpractioners were learnt to add high powered steroid in various drugs, using periktin in anti-obesity drug, using Selenda Citrate, Viagra and Senegra in drugs for increasing sex power and adding Salicyclic Acid in the cosmetics of looking becoming bright. It is also alleged that even Wine and Opium are being used in preparing some herbal  drugs. 

While talking to BP, Superintendent of the department of Narcotics Control, Rajshahi informed, the department regularly conducts operation against the adulterated drug makers and illegal operators of herbal clinics. But, due to shortages of manpower, the department was failing to take action against all dishonest drug makers and herbal clinics operators.