Henry to reprise Superman for DCEU’s ‘Supergirl’?

Published : 07 Oct 2021 07:43 PM | Updated : 08 Oct 2021 09:11 PM

A t least half of the world thinks that the DCEU heads were unjust to their most popular ‘Superman’, Henry Cavill. The actor who last wore the suit as the Blue Boy Scout in ‘Justice League’ (Joss Whedon, 2017) has been subjected to a lot of scrutinies. The actor has almost stopped talking about it and the studio shaping two movies about the Kryptonian Hero without the star has only added fuel to the fire.

If you have been away from the news, the entire past year has been about rumours that spoke about bringing back Henry Cavill to his ‘Superman’ mantle. Only to be killed by JJ Abrams, who announced his Superman reboot but made it clear that he is not making Cavill reboot the iconic superhero. Fans of the actor almost boycotted the movie back then.

So while all of that exists, a new rumour has churned out fresh from the rumour mill and it connects ‘The Witcher’ to the old mantle. Though the chances of it turning put true are highly bleak, we don’t lose hope. 

As per a Giant Freakin Robot report, chances are that Henry Cavill might reprise ‘Superman’ in the DCEU. Before you raise your hopes, this is not for a standalone movie but will be seen with ‘Supergirl’. Now there are no confirmed updates about this. Neither have any main men from the studio hinted at it.

Meanwhile, even ‘Supergirl’ itself isn’t official now. It could be a movie or an HBO Max show, nothing is sure. As of now, the popular character will join the DCEU for a cameo in ‘The Flash’, which is kind of a reunion for many characters in the universe.

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