‘Helen Keller’ to be staged tomorrow

The 31st exhibition of the acclaimed mono-drama 'Helen Keller' of Natyasangathan Swapnadal will be held on Friday. At the studio theater hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) will stage the play at 6:30 pm. 

Based on the life-work-dream-struggle-philosophy of the great 'Helen Keller' Apurba Kumar Kundu has written the play and directed by Zahid Ripon. Juena Shabnam to act in it along with Shakhawat Shyamal as the production manager. 

Despite being visually, speech and hearing impaired, the production of Swapnadal team will portrait the story of Helen Keller’s which revolves around the turning against all the negativity of her life with strong self-confidence and the superhuman motivation of educator Anne Sullivan.  

In the play ‘Helen Keller’ expresses her gratitude to her own teacher, Anne, for enriching her life in the company of world-famous personalities such as Charlie Chaplin-Mark Twain-Kennedy-Einstein. 

The strong influence of Rabindranath Tagore's philosophy is revealed in her life!  Her clear position on women's awakening-humanism and against war-destruction-violence-racism and nuclear weapons came up.  

Besides, the various perfections and imperfections of personal life are also raised.  Fighting against adversity, being able to express and develop and dedicate oneself to human welfare, perhaps the ultimate feeling of ultimate success in life - ultimately became the mainstay of Helen Keller's biographical and laboratory-built tradition of modern Bengali drama. 

In addition to the regular staging of 'Helen Keller' in the country, at the invitation of Bangladesh Embassy in Tokyo, Japan in 2018, 'East Natyagatha' International Drama Festival 2018 organized by East New Alipore in Kolkata, India,  So far, it has been acclaimed through 30 stage shows, including performances at the International Virtual Theater Festival 2020. 

The production of 'Helen Keller' has already been invited to stage a world-famous drama festival in Kuwait.