Heavy rains cause traffic snarls in city

Take steps to reduce suffering of commuters

Published : 06 Oct 2023 09:27 PM

Moderate rainfall has caused massive havoc, leading to waterlogging and huge traffic jams across the capital Dhaka city. 

All arterial roads saw massive snarls with hundreds of vehicles stuck on the road. Traffic congestion is a usual phenomenon in Dhaka city for all seasons but if it gets rain, then the situation deteriorates further.

The city got light-to-moderate rain in the last three days that led to waterlogging on roads, lanes and bylanes, which in turn, caused severe traffic jams. The city dwellers were seen stranded for hours in traffic jam amid heavy downpour.

Low-income people, especially day labourers, also suffered much as gridlock disrupted their normal pace of life. Poor drainage system is largely responsible for water-logging in Dhaka city. If they drainage system is not improved as well as canals and water bodies around Dhaka city are recovered, the situation will take a serious turn. So, it seems that there is no end to people’s sufferings.

 Traffic jam not only kills the time but also ruin commuters’ energy. There is still indiscipline on the roads across the city. Besides, construction work taking place on the different major roads that lie in a dilapidated condition for a long time is also deteriorating the situation.

Take integrated measures

 to bring the traffic system 

of the capital under

 one discipline

Monsoon rain submerges different areas of Dhaka city every year, creating serious waterlogging as most of the ponds, canals and water bodies around it have disappeared from its map. Capital Dhaka continued to lose its most ponds and water bodies in the last three decades due to negligence and lack of supervision, various constructions, occupation and pollution.

All know the water bodies and ponds are very important for a city like capital Dhaka. The authorities concurred must take immediate steps to restore old ponds at various places in city to their original state after freeing them from grabbers.

It will also have to make sure that no pond in city gets encroached upon or filled up again. We are concerned that no effective action was taken even though influential people had occupied and encroached on the ponds in city under the nose of the administration. So, the authorities concerned are bound to protect and preserve the ponds following the Constitution and the Environmental Conservation Act and take action against the encroachment of hundreds of ponds in the capital Dhaka. We people are spending a lot of money and time due to the chaotic movement of public transport in the city.

Therefore, it is clear that there is no discipline on the roads yet. But in fact, there is no effective system in this regard, and so there is no discipline. Therefore, it is the responsibility of traffic police, BRTA, city corporations and bus owners’ organisations to maintain the order in public transport during the office hour. The authorities concerned must take integrated measures to bring the traffic system of the capital under one discipline as early as possible.