Heavy rain hits soybean crop

Published : 07 May 2020 09:22 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 10:22 PM

While rains would normally cheer the agricultural heartland, the monsoon was erratic and has left soyabean crops damaged this year in Haimchar upazila of Chandpur district.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, extensive rainfall has brought more misery to farmers, after soybean crops suffered rain damage. Upazila agriculture department sources said, this year, almost 70% of the half-ripe crops have been submerged and there is no let-up in rain.

Farmers Khalil Mia and Swapan Mal said, “Soybeans had bumper yields this year. But the rains could not have come at a worse time. Now, with extensive submergence there is no chance of revival.”

4,400 Metric Tons of soyabean cultivation had been expected on 2,214 hectares of land in 3 upazilas of Chandpur. Of these, Haimchar is the top producer. In Chandpur, soyabean harvesting is followed after paddy, jute, potato, onion, garlic and mustard.

Chandpur farmers cultivate soybean on a large scale due to favorable climate, transportation facilities, provision of production technology by agriculture department, improved communication system, availability of agricultural inputs, advice of agriculturists on seeds, fertilizers and pesticide and agricultural loans from banks.

But banks now are not giving agricultural loans to the farmers in the char or sandbar areas.

The chars are: Rajrajeswar of Chandpur Sadar, Jahajmara, Charfatejangpur, Ishanbala of Nilkamal in Haimchar, Chargazipur, Manipur, Madhyachar, Majhirbazar, Sahebbazar, Baburchar etc.

According to Agriculture Extension Department Farm House Chandpur, 290 hectares have been cultivated in Chandpur Sadar and the production target has been set at 576 Metric Tons.

Cultivation in Faridganj is 274 hectares and production target has been set at 545 Metric Tons. Cultivation in Haimchar was 1,650 hectares and production target was set at 3269 Metric Tons.

In this regard, Abdul Mannan, an agronomist of Chandpur Agriculture Department, said that soybean is the most grown crop in Haimchar in Chandpur district. 

The climate and soil there are suitable for soybean cultivation. Soybean is currently gaining recognition as a cash crop in Bangladesh and is used only as animal and fish food.