Heavy rain, fresh flood feared

Early steps needed to protect lives and livelihood

Published : 01 Jun 2022 07:36 PM

Normal to heavy rainfall is most likely during this southwest monsoon season (June – September) over most parts of the South Asia, South Asian Climate Outlook Forum says in its seasonal forecast. It is apprehended that countries including Bangladesh of South Asia will experience heavy rainfall between June and September this time. 

Accounting for 75-90 per cent of the annual rainfall in most parts of the region (excepting Sri Lanka and southeastern India), the monsoon has an all-pervading influence on the socio-economic fabric of the South Asian countries.

The negative impacts of global warming and climate change are being observed across our country. Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone areas in the world due to its geographical locations. Natural disasters like cyclone, flood, tornado and tidal surge are taking place frequently in the country.

Rivers in different areas of the country may flow 

above the danger level due to continuous downpour 

and onrush of water from the upstream

The rainfall patterns are changing in Bangladesh. As heavy rain is likely to occur, country’s many low-lying areas will be flooded, affecting a large number of people living there. The downhill onrush of water will also deteriorate the overall flood situation. Hence, the government will have to take all-out preparations in advanced to face the situation.

Rivers in different areas of the country may flow above the danger level due to continuous heavy downpour and onrush of water from the upstream. Considering this, a meeting of inter-ministerial disaster management coordination committee on flood preparedness should be held immediately. Simultaneously, necessary measures will also have to be taken to make the vulnerable points free from the risk of flooding.

It needs to be mentioned that the flash flood few days ago in Sylhet destroyed several hundreds of houses, roads and other infrastructures completely or partially alongside damaging crops of vast tract of lands which went under water. A large number of farmed fish ponds were also washed away.

Considering all above, food grains and packets of dry food will also have to be stocked in advance so that the essentials can be sent to every flood-affected district immediately. Besides, tents and other materials for constructing shelters will also have to be stocked. Apart from these, a committee, led by a civil surgeon, will have to be formed in every district vulnerable to flooding aiming to control water-borne disease.