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Heavy rain creates waterlogging in many areas of Sylhet, Sunamganj

Published : 02 Jul 2023 10:06 PM

Amidst heavy rainfall in the northeastern region of the country, particularly in Sylhet and Sunamganj districts, waterlogging was reported from some areas in the two districts on Sunday.

After Sunamganj district that recorded heavy rains, low-lying areas of the district are being submerged. The heavy rains also led to waterlogging in Sunamganj district town. Many low-lying areas in Sylhet district are also being flooded. 

Abdul Hye Al-Hadi, an environmentalist of Sylhet region who is also president of Save the Sari River Movement (Sari NodiBachaoAndolan); said that Sylhet and Sunamganj districts witnessed heavy to very heavy rainfall on Sunday, which led to unprecedented onrush of rainwater flooding low-lying areas in cities and villages. 

Talking to Bangladesh Post, he said that this condition cannot yet be called a flood. The downpour of Sunday and the last couple of days was a result of active monsoon. However, this inundation is caused following monsoon rains due to reduced water-carrying capacity of rivers and haors and unplanned development projects, he added. 

Meanwhile, the Sunamganj district received 332 mm of rainfall in 24 hours till Sunday noon, which is the highest rainfall recorded in the district this year.

The heavy rainfall inundated several low-lying areas and the ill-maintained and inadequate network 

of stormwater drains in the district town. The traffic movement has been disrupted due to inundation of town roads. Due to heavy rainfall, waterlogging has occurred in Kazir Point, Solghar, Jamtala, Tegharia, North Arpinnagar, Hasannagar in Sunamganj town. Kazi Point area had knee-deep water on Sunday.

Nader Bakht, the mayor of Sunamganjmunicipality,said that there is nothing to be afraid of. Water has accumulated in some parts of the town due to heavy rainfall. This will disappear quickly. 

Apart from the situation in the district town, several parts of the road in Shaktiarkhala area of Biswambharpur-Tahirpur road of Sunamganj are being obstructed due to flooding. People of the area are crossing by boat.

MdMamunHawlader, executive engineer of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) in Sunamganj; said that the water is rising mainly for heavy rainfall. If the rain decreases, the water will also decrease. No major flooding is forecast.

Didar-e-Alam Mohammad Maksud Chowdhury, deputy commissioner (DC) of Sunamganj, said that that an emergency meeting of the District Disaster Management Committee has been held regarding the overall situation. No flood situation has occurred anywhere in the district yet. In the border area, some roads were waterlogged due to heavey rainfall. 

However, there were no reports of water entering people’s homes. The DC said that there are necessary preparations to deal with the flood situation.

Meanwhile, three brothers and sisters died in Sunamganj after the boat sank in the floodwater. The accident took place in Gobindpur village under Lakshmansri Union of SunamganjSadar upazila on Sunday (July 2) afternoon.

Lakshmanshri Union Parishad chairman Abdul Odud and local UP member Mohinur Rahman confirmed the matter.

The deceased were identified as Farzana, 13, Marzana, 8, and Robin, 4. There are children of Sohel Ahmed of Gobindpur village.

According to local sources, the deceased’s house is in the middle of a small haor. They were moving from their new house to their old house as the water came close to the house. Three brothers and sisters boarded a small boat to get to the main road to go to the old house. After some distance the boat capsized due to heavy rain and wind. They drowned on the spot.

SunamganjSadar Fire Station official Newton Dash said that their team went to the spot as soon as they got the news. However, the locals rescued them before the rescue team. 

The water of Surmariver was 8cm below the danger level at Sholghar point of Sunamganj town at 9:00 am on Sunday. At 12 noon, the water crossed the danger level. The water of Surmariver was flowing 82 cm above the danger level in Sunamganj. 

Surma river water was flowing over the danger level in Sunamganj due to heavy rains and onrush of hilly water from upstream. Not only the Surmariver, but all the rivers, including Jadukata, Boulai, Rakti, Kushiara, Chachi, Patlai, Naljur, Khasiamara and Kalni in Sunamganj were in rising trend due to the heavy rains. 

The heavy rainfall created flood-like situation in low-lying areas of SunamganjSadar, Chatak, Biswambharpur, Tahirpur and Doarabazarupazilas of the district.

A bridge connecting road has collapsed in Haripur area of Fatepur union of Biswambharpur upazila on Neyamatpur of Sadar upazila to Anwarpurmukhi road of Tahirpur upazila. Traffic has stopped on that road.

Fatepur Union Parishad (UP) Chairman Farooq Ahmad said that the people of the area travel through that road. Vehicles are unable to move due to the collapse of the connecting road of the bridge. Apart from this, water entered 10 to 12 houses in his area.

Ershad Mia, the former chairman of DakshinBadaghat UP of the same upazila, said that people are crossing the place by boat as the Biswambharpur-Tahirpur road is flooded in Saktiarkhala area of the upazila.

    According to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) of the Bangladesh Water Development Board, the northeastern region and adjoining upstream region of the country may experience short-term flood due to the ongoing heavy rainfall.

In a bulletin on Sunday, the FFWC said that some rivers of the northeastern region of the country, including Surma, Kushiara, Sarigowain, Khowai, Jadukata, Someswari and Bhogai-Kangsha, may rise rapidly and cause short-term flood in the adjoining low-lying areas as there is a chance of heavy to very heavy rainfall in the region during the period. 

The Brahmaputra-Jamuna and the Padma rivers were in steady state, while the Ganges River is in rising trend, which may continue. All the major rivers in the northeastern region of the country are in rising trend.

Due to the chance of heavy rainfall in the adjoining upstream, the Teesta, the Dharala and the Dudhkumar rivers in the northern region may rise rapidly. Teestariver may cross danger level at Dalia point, said FFWC.

Last year, the residents of Sylhet and Sunamganj district experienced a devastating flood as 80 per cent of the Sylhet district and 90 per cent of the Sunamganj district went under floodwater while thousands of dwelling houses were damaged, causing immense sufferings to millions of people.