Heat wave makes life unbearable

Climate change manifest with vengeance

The heat wave sweeping across the nation has made life in the capital and other areas almost unbearable. Risk of heat stroke and other conditions is on the rise as temperatures skyrocket and the possibility of rain remains slim. Diseases like diarrhea, viral fever, and jaundice have become widespread all across the country. Hospitals and clinics have also reported an uptick in the number of patients coming in.

Staying indoors hardly provides any respite from the heat and one can only wonder how those who are forced to remain outdoors throughout the day tolerate the heat. Day laborers, rickshaw pullers, security guards, even traffic constables, and many more are forced to remain outside in order to earn their livelihood or do their jobs. While we luxuriate with roofs over our heads, with the fans and ACs switched on, many are forced to be out under the scorching sun. We should all try to extend a helping hand to those around us, simply offering a cold glass of water, or trying to pay the rickshaw puller just a little bit more than the due fare. 

Experts are warning of heat waves becoming more prevalent and lasting longer in the near future. The persistent heat waves are a direct result of global warming caused by climate change. We are also seeing an increase in the formation of cyclones and other natural disasters. The land of Bengal with six different seasons of the year is no more. As the years pass by, the seasonal changes in our climate is hard to miss. Nowadays we have at best three seasons to speak of, i.e., hot, cold and wet.

Most of the blame lies not with us, but with the developed nations, who have started emitting harmful gases and chemicals into the atmosphere starting with the Industrial Revolution era in the 18th century. However, even if we are not responsible for the majority of the global carbon emissions, we must reflect upon our actions and pledge to step up our efforts to stop global warming. The authorities as well as individuals must work together in order to combat the effects of climate change and take the necessary steps to protect our environment from further harm.