Health sector corruption

Ethics must be followed

The health sector is at the center of scrutiny for the raging Covid-19 crisis that has been going on in the world and the country. Several irregularities have been spotted in the sector and its personnel raising questions about its effectiveness. 

There has also been strict vigilance by the government to root out any irregularity in the sector in this time of crisis.

A recent report published in this daily projected that the government has adopted a zero-tolerance policy as the country’s health sector is marred by allegations of irregularities, corruption and fraud amid the growing coronavirus outbreak.

It is hopeful to see that the Prime Minister has given this directive in light of recent incidents taking place regarding faulty protective equipment as well as malpractice in corona test.

The said report also shows that the ACC is vigilant in this circumstance and is keeping an eye out for suspected corrupts who are taking an advantage of the unsuspecting public in this crisis time. 

The issue of faulty and low grade protective equipment 

being provided around is quite disconcerting and efforts 

must be made to take action against the people who have 

a hand in this

The issue of faulty and low grade protective equipment being provided around is quite disconcerting and efforts must be made to quickly take action against the people who have a hand in this. 

On the other hand, it is also encouraging to know that efforts are being made by the law enforcement to apprehend this type of personnel who are indulging in such criminal activities. 

Also, there was the case that 125 Bangladeshis were not allowed to land on a Qatar Airways flight at the Cumicino airport in Rome, Italy. 

As a result, thousands of expatriates are unfortunately trapped in the country and are being deprived of billions of taka in foreign exchange. It doesn’t need explication that these acts are harming the economy and the image of the country in front of the international arena.

Above all, it is imperative that the authorities concerned take swift action against those individuals who are seen to take advantage of the common public. 

Moreover, investigations must be conducted to inquire and indentify the ringleaders of the fraud syndicates that are active in the country and pass swift justice on them.