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Health Dept recommends wearing masks

Covid-19 new variant may surge

Published : 14 Jan 2024 12:54 AM

As a preventative measure against the infection of the novel COVID-19 JN.1 variant, the health department recommended wearing mask in a press release on Saturday.

As per the announcement from the Department of Health's Integrated Control Centre, the number of cases of the novel COVID-19 JN.1 virus has surged in multiple nations globally.

In this case, wearing masks as a precaution is advised in high-risk areas like hospitals and medical facilities, as well as among high-risk individuals with weakened immune systems.

For those who pose a high risk, a fourth dose of the vaccine is advised. In the event of surgery or treatment for any other illness, the department advises against testing for COVID-19 unless there are indications or symptoms of the virus.

The National Technical Advisory Committee on Corona had previously recommended the same course of action. Following the committee meeting on January 4, these recommendations were made.