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HC embargoes any ‘bakseesh’ for small advantages in court

Published : 11 May 2023 12:51 AM

The High Court (HC) on Wednesday issued a notice with an embargo on petty corruption in the name of 'bakseesh' to avail small advantages in connection with cases in court.

The notice signed by an HC bench of Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif and Justice BiswajitDebnath was hanged outside the courtroom on Wednesday.

According to the notice signed by bench officer MdSifatUllah Khan, it will be considered as corruption once bench officers, assistant bench officers, justice’s personal officials, court representatives, MLSS of court or chamber, justice’s drivers, gunmen and other officials involved with the court take money, gift accessories, vehicle services and other facilities.

Actions will be taken as per the rules and regulations if any officials of the court are found involved with corruption.

The lawyers, their assistants and all involved with the court are directed to refrain from such kinds of activities.