Hatirjheel turns filthy

Garbage dumped everywhere

Once clean and beautiful Hatirjheel is no more. There is filth all around and the stench in water is unbearable. It is disheartening to know that a huge amount of waste including plastic bottles and polythene bags, decomposed food and other rotting materials are being dumped in Hatirjheel water. Reportedly, the quantity of garbage floating on the water has increased. Even on the embankment sides, one can see garbage piled everywhere.

Moreover, a section of the ignorant citizens throw waste into the clean lake polluting it to a great extent. This situation is, in fact, deteriorating the aesthetic quality of the lake.

Hence, City authorities should 

incorporate necessary

 arrangements to hold the 

polluters to account

In this congested concrete city, Hatirjheel Lake came as the crown jewel recreational spot for Dhaka dwellers. When renovated this place had an aura which not only gives a visual treat but also revitalizes the visitors. Since inception, Hatirjheel has been a popular recreation spot for the city inhabitants.

It is therefore time to launch an integrated movement to save the lake from dying down finally. Household garbage from nearby areas is being dumped at Hatirjheel lake which eventually rot and decompose there. With the wind, the odour spreads all around to the much discomfort of the residents. Citizens are fearful of the different bacteria thriving in the water. This practice of dumping household waste must be stopped. Hence, City authorities should incorporate necessary arrangements to hold the polluters to account.

It is good to note that the government has undertaken a project worth Tk 49 crore to reduce the contamination of water in Hatirjheel and bring back its original beauty. We are hoping that this project will prevent water stagnation and will improve water filtration.