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Hatirjheel can be a tourist attraction

Published : 24 Jul 2019 08:43 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:26 AM
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In this congested concrete city, Hatirjheel Lake came as the crown jewel recreational spot for Dhaka dwellers. When renovated this place had an aura within which not only give out a visual treat but also revitalized the visitors. Since opening, Hatirjheel became a dream picturesque lake and until now has drawn a large number of visitors not only from Dhaka but across the country. The lakefront in Dhaka has even minimized traffic congestion and also turned into a popular recreation spot for the city inhabitants.

Even foreign visitors enjoy the decorative bridge, eateries that offer delicious restaurants and beautiful views along with boat ride. Sadly, a section of the ignorant citizens started throwing waste into the cleansed lake polluting it to many extent. Plastic bottles and polythene bags, decomposed food and other floating materials started to accumulate in the lakefront.

Such unauthorized practice led to foul-smell spoiling the surrounding environment. Often the lake appears dark polluted with decomposing waste. This situation is, in fact, diminishing the aesthetic quality of the lake. The foul odour and dirty water is gradually discouraging the visitors. The water pollution is turning into a disgrace. The hazardous stinking waste already threatens aquatic life in the lake and even could harm the ecological balance.

Preserving the lake is a duty of all. In fact, proper maintenance and development could earn huge revenue from such tourist spot. There are potentials for further development of the surroundings to attract even greater number of tourists. Although the roads around the lake act as a major road links to reduce city congestions but the lake could be turned into water amusement parks where people could visit and enjoy various rides.

It is time to launch movement under a citizen’s platform to save the lake from such destruction. Many people feel that the government should take immediate steps to restrict such dumping of waste and restore the lake’s natural beauty. They should regulate flow of the water in maintaining the water body. Visitors should use waste bins and if ignored there should be system of spot fining as part of a measure to punish those who violate laws. Working together again can make Hatirjheel lakefront a major gathering hub for all.