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Hasan warns of action against irrational price hikes of essentials

Published : 17 Aug 2022 09:05 PM

Taking advantage of the increase in the price of fuel, the government will take strict measures if the prices of daily necessities and transportation are increased unnecessarily, said Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud.

During an exchange of views with journalists at the secretariat on Wednesday afternoon, he said, "Recently, the price of fuel oil has to be increased in the country, the price has been adjusted to the level of West Bengal. Taking advantage of this, some unscrupulous businessmen have increased the price of goods and also increased the cost of transportation to increase their profits. This is by no means desirable, by no means acceptable. Our government is monitoring these and I hope business organizations and leaders will play a role in this. The government will take strict action against them if necessary.

In response to a question about the strike called by the Left Alliance to protest against the increase in the prices of daily commodities, Dr. Hasan said, "Inflation is not only in Bangladesh, but worldwide." Overall inflation in the European Union is 9.6%, 8.5% in the US, 9.4% in the UK, 25% in Pakistan, over 9% in Australia. But our country is above 7.5% which was below 7% till May and is still lower than many countries. And the brothers of the Left Alliance are the strength of the liberation war, so I respect them. But I would humbly request that their activities should not be benefited by anti-independence, anti-national evil forces and militant groups including BNP. Those who nurture anti-independence evil forces, militants, should not benefit from the activities of the left brothers, and the country should not fall into their hands. That is the request to them.

The Secretary General of BNP has demanded a United Nations investigation into the human rights situation in Bangladesh. In this context, the Information Minister said, 'BNP sometimes says that those who have gone missing are seen again after a few days and found. This proves that the missing information published by BNP is not correct. I think those who have set fire to power in the country in 2013-14-15, burnt people to death, burnt sleeping truck drivers, bombed and killed worshipers, and those who supported, financed, and those BN leaders for the sake of justice. There must be justice, this is the demand of the day.'

Inauguration of Lisa Kalam's collection of 100 songs on Bangabandhu

Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud unveiled the cover of artist Lisa Kalam's solo collection of 100 songs on Bangabandhu in the meeting room of the ministry. Lisa Kalam, Prime Minister's Personal Assistant Md Jahangir Alam and Lisa Kalam's father Abul Kalam spoke on the occasion. Artist Ashaf-ud-Daula, journalists and ministry officials were present on the occasion.

In the Chief Guest's speech on the occasion, Information Minister thanked and congratulated Lisa Kalam for singing one hundred songs on Bangabandhu. He said that translating every song into English and singing some songs in English gave it a new dimension. This would not have been possible without the immense compassion and respect for Bangabandhu. As artist Lisa Kalam will sing about Bangabandhu, she will also sing for the neglected people of the society to build Bangabandhu's dream of Sonar Bangla, she will sing about the disharmony of the society and those songs will wake people up, Hashan Mahmud expressed hope.