Harvested onion brings down price

As the locally produced onions start arriving in the kitchen markets, the price of this essential is beginning to decline, causing people to heave a sigh of relief. Within a week, onion price has come down to half. The people, who had to experience sky-rocketing price of onion for more than a month, are now a bit relaxed seeing the downtrend price of onion.

With the adequate supply of fresh onion, price in the wholesale markets has reduced by at least Tk 30 to Tk 50 per kilogram (kg) at least. On the other hand, imported onion price is also declining. In the capital’s wholesale market, fresh onion is selling at Tk 90 to Tk 120 per kg, whereas welsh onion is selling at Tk 50- 60 per kg. Imported Egypt onion is selling per kg at Tk 75, Chinese onion is Tk 50 per kg. However, in the kitchen market, the price of the onion was found still a little high compared to the wholesale market.

In the kitchen market fresh onion price is Tk 100-120 per kg, In this regard, Rmapura kitchen market trader Abdullah said, “Besides imported onions, locally produced onions have started to arrive in the kitchen markets. As a result, prices of all varieties of onion are coming down. The price will gradually decline in the next few weeks”.

Mohammad Hafiz Uddin, an importer of Shyambazar market, claimed that the onion prices are gradually falling. “It’ll further come down and the market will be stable within two or three weeks.”Farmers who harvested onions in their land have bought onions in the capital’s Shyambazar. They said they are getting fair price this time. If this trend keeps continuing, they will be inspired to produce more onions in the coming days.

The sudden price hike of this commodity, caused sufferings to people of every spare of the society. Per kg onion price remained Tk 250 all through the November month.

Since India put its onion exports on hold on September 29, onion prices had been on the rise in the Bangladesh kitchen market. Local onions were selling as high as Tk 250 per kg in the city’s kitchen markets, while onions imported from Myanmar were selling at Tk 230-240 per kg, breaking all the previous records.