Happy birthday, Purnima

National Film Award winning actress Purnima has been acting regularly in several dramas / telefilms for the last several years, especially on two Eids. 

But this Eid, Purnima has confirmed that she would not be seen in any drama / telefilm. During the lockdown due to Corona, Purnima spent time at her residence in Nikunjo of the capital. 

She has not yet Come out of her home due to Corona’s horror. Although several directors have expressed interest in making dramas / telefilms about her on the occasion of the upcoming Eid, Purnima has politely refused them. 

Purnima said that under no circumstances did she have the courage to shoot at this time of Corona, despite hygiene rules because her mother is at home, she also has a daughter. Basically, the overall situation is not giving her the courage to work. 

Meanwhile, today is Purnima’s birthday. There are no special plans for the day. Purnima said, “Because of Corona, not only in Bangladesh, but in the whole world, a crisis is prevailing. 

There is a panic in everyone’s mind. Many are trying to stay safe at home. Again, many are leaving home in need of livelihood. Life is becoming more and more challenging. 

In such a situation, I have no thoughts of happiness around my birthday or I have no opportunity or interest to celebrate the day in any particular way. I wish blessings to all so that I can be good with my mother and my child. May Allah keep us healthy and keep us well.”

Meanwhile, work on two movies starring Purnima, which is almost over due to Corona, is stuck. Naeem Itmatiaz Neyamul is making two movies. One is ‘Jam’ and the other is ‘Gangchil’. 

The movie ‘Jam’ is being produced by the late Nayak Manna’s production company Kritanjali Films. And Ferdous is producing ‘Gangchil’. Purnima won the National Film Award for Best Actress only once for her performance in Kazi Hayat’s ‘Ora Amake Bhalo Hote Dilo Na’.