Handloom industry potential needs to be tapped

Govt must provide immediate assistance

Published : 28 Jan 2020 06:01 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 05:21 AM

Handloom industry in Bangladesh has a glorious history, but an uncertain present and an obscure future due to a number of barriers that are acting behind the scene. The enchanting sound of locally made handlooms in rural Bangladesh is fading out as most of the handloom factories of the country are on the way to extinction because of multifaceted problems. Reportedly, about 55,000 handloom factories only in Narayanganj have become inoperative over the past five years with many workers, labourers and weavers losing their jobs.  Most of the owners of the factories have changed their profession because of the price hike of raw materials, high interest rate of bank loans, labour crisis, and above all, lack of government patronage and financial backing. Also lack of information to weavers regarding various government policies and schemes is a significant cause for the dwindling future of the weaver community.

Lack of information regarding 

various government 

policies and schemes is a significant 

cause for the dwindling

 future of the weaver community

Poor marketing and insufficient market linkage outside the districts ails the industry from growing and earning more revenue. As the quantity of our handloom product is very low and we only produce a handful of identified products, we have not been able to expand our product market both within and outside the country.

The government must develop a comprehensive plan to conserve the traditional handloom industries that could include silk, cotton, jamdani etc. Also the government should explore potential international market and conduct market research to expand the market of Bangladeshi silk and other handloom products. Government and non-government agencies should come forward with financial, technical and policy support for development of handloom industry in Bangladesh.