Halal CHIK Hand Sanitiser hits market

Renowned FMCG products manufacturer CavinKare Bangladesh Private Limited has recently announced the addition of a new CHIK Hand Sanitizer to its product line. Through its diverse range of consumer brands, CavinKare has always emphasized on public health and safety while maintaining a top-notch quality.

The “Made in Bangladesh” CHIK Hand Sanitizer is the company’s first sanitizer in the country. With the use of hundred percent halal, non-flammable and kids-friendly components, this natively manufactured hygiene product is effective in combatting the pandemic.

One of the most unique features of the CHIK Hand sanitizer is its one-of-a-kind formulation with Benzalkonium chloride and Cetrimonium chloride (long-chain fatty alcohol with quaternary ammonium compound), anti-microbial agents proven to destroy enveloped viruses.

As the outermost layer of Coronaviruses is made of fat which can be broken by fatty-acid salts, Benzalkonium chloride, being an organic salt, is one of the worst enemies of the viruses. Meanwhile, Cetrimonium Chloride synergistically acts as anti-microbial agent. Hence, the hand sanitizer is designed to kill 99.9% germ.

Besides, CHIK Hand Sanitizer is also infused with aloe vera extract and Vitamin E which is well-known for skin nourishment. It is also no-rinse and non-tacky when dry.

About the new product, CavinKare Bangladesh Business Head Arun Chacko said, “As a responsible FMCG company, we make our people and facilities available during these challenging times of Pandemic to help the communities we are operating in. It is our pride to be able to launch CHIK Hand Sanitizer in Bangladesh.”

A 50ml bottle of the CHIK Hand Sanitizer can be availed at Tk 50 at all nearby stores.