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Hajj will be hassle-free this time

Published : 26 Jan 2023 10:08 PM

Advance preparations have been made to face the dollar crisis for Hajj pilgrims in the upcoming hajj season. 

This time 1,27,000 people from Bangladesh will perform Hajj.  

As there are no restrictions from the Saudi Government, pilgrims across the world will be able to perform hajj like before. For lifting the ban, hajj performance cost will also be reduced. But due to the dollar crisis, pilgrims from Bangladesh will have to spend extra money. 

State Minister for Religious Affairs Md. Faridul Haque Khan, assuring the country's pilgrims, has informed that advance initiative has already been taken to face the issue. 

The state minister said this to reporters after the third and last day of the fourth session of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) conference at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital on Thursday.

The DCs held these working sessions with the Department of Law and Judiciary, Department of Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs and Ministry of Religious Affairs.

When asked whether the country has enough dollars for so many people to perform Hajj, the Religious Affairs Minister said, at least Bangladesh has not yet experienced a crisis. Too many countries to name a few, have already had a dollar crisis. Bangladesh is in stable condition till now.

He said that the Prime Minister is alert and aware about the Hajj pilgrims and preparations have been made in advance so that the pilgrims do not face any crisis.

A great deal of disinformation has been created about religion in textbooks, and the Ministry of Education has formed two committees - when attention was drawn to this, Faridul Haque Khan said, "This is not my matter, but I am still saying that two committees have already been formed in the meeting we have held. This committee is working. After the work of this committee, there remains an opportunity to do whatever additions and subtractions need to be done. Actions for this have been taken up and are in progress. It will surely be reflected soon." 

The state minister also said that if there is anything controversial about religion in the textbook, it must be removed.

Faridul Haque Khan said, it is a way to destroy harmony by making huge campaigns based on a small thing, it has happened many times. These are when the National elections are knocking at the door. There is no time to allow this. We are already trying to solve the problem you are talking about.

The state minister said, we have congratulated the districts which have done well in inter-religious dialogue. 

He urged others to do better like those districts in future.