Hadudu, other traditional games disappear from rural Bangladesh

Ultra modern culture replaced traditional games

Published : 09 Nov 2019 07:38 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:47 PM

 The people of rural areas have been deprived of the traditional rural games like Hadudu, Kabadi, Lathikhela (stick playing), Sapkhela (snake charming) and some games which were very much pleasuring and amusing to them. Most “ultra modern” culture including airing from various countries and lacking of patronization of the local games was mainly liable for this sort of culture now a days.

Some elderly people at Khalishpur Bazer under bordering Moheshpur upazila when contacted said earlier thousands of people irrespective of cast, creed, age and gender, witnessed the rural games almost round the year.

The well to do people, known as Matubbar (village leader) arranged the programme on their own court yards after harvesting of paddy, jute, sugarcane and other cash crops. They also invited their near and dear ones following the game that continued for several days. Newly married bridegrooms or their parents were considered most important guests there.

Mazibar Rahman of the village said the organizer arranged huge local but costly food items including slaughtering of goats or other cattle heads for the guests which brought them honour and dignity I the society. The winners in the games were also honoured with golden, silver and bronze medals as per their performances by the judges in the game competition.

This sort of traditional game namely Hadudu was held by the villagers at Srirampur government primary school ground of Kaliganj in Jhenidah on Thursday, which was enjoyed by about a hundred audiences. Atiar group became champion defeating Sakhawat group in the game. Each and every audience made clapping of hands during witnessing the competitive game, the villagers said.

The organizers said the rural game is not only a game to them. It is a means and way to unite the villagers and surrounding villages people and share with each other. It helps strengthening ties among the relatives. Sometimes the villagers choose bride or bridegroom or select their future relatives present there.

The traditional games helped prevail peace and amity with all. The government should arrange rural and traditional games to restore peace, tranquility and prosperity patronizing the traditional games for a better brotherhood among the people.

Hadudu, Kabadi, Lathikhela, Sapkhela and other traditional games enriched the mind and heart of the people and they were almost refrained from all odds in rural Bangladesh, they opined.

Jhenidah Government Keshab Chandra (KC) College principal Professor Dr. BM Rezaul Karim in his reaction about the decaying rural games, said the traditional games may help save the young generation from the faster decaying from the morality and their involvement in some unethical activities that became a direct threat to the society and nation.

Realizing the so-called culture aired from other countries and leaning of the young generations towards it, Dr. Rezaul Karim said social reconstruction activists, even with the association of the government should take initiatives for arrangements of traditional culture practicing. The young generation should work towards a better world as desired by the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that he (Bangabandhu) dreamed until and unless his last day.