GWM unveils new P series pickups

Published : 07 Jul 2019 06:19 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:57 PM

Recently Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2019 was held in Shanghai, China where many auto manufacturers displayed their latest models to crack the world’s most lucrative automotive market. China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM) has made another big move recently by launching their three new pickup trucks of their new P series at Auto Shanghai 2019.

As the first model of Great Wall Pickup’s 3-year ‘5+N’ products strategy, Great Wall P-series pickup opens the era of Chinese passenger pickup, leading Chinese pickup culture, and will redraw the competition map  of the global pickup market.  It has luxury interior, 8AT, latest intelligent network connection system, and unique multi-link rear suspension. At the exhibition, three models of the P-series pickup, namely, passenger pickup, off-road pickup and commercial pickup were displayed. Among them, passenger pickup is China’s first pickup equipped with 8AT transmission of ZF and multi-link rear suspension. It is also equipped with configurations for comfortableness such as ACC, automatic parking, heated steering wheel, remote start and many more functions. The commercial pickup on display is a pure-electric version with a range of 500 kilometers. It can be fully charged by high-rate charging in two hours. Among P-series, the off-road pickup is the most attractive model, which is standard equipped with three differential locks (front, middle, and rear), 900 mm fording depth, snorkel, winch and other configurations. The three models with their own characteristics and competitiveness subvert Chinese public's conventional perception of pickup. 

In the 1.0 era of tool car, pickup is mainly for freight use. In the 2.0 era of multi-purpose commercial vehicle, pickup is mainly for commercial use and also for passenger use. In the 3.0 era of multi-purpose passenger vehicle, driven by upgrade of consumption and demand, pickup presents the ‘Five-Centered New Ecology’ of passenger, intelligence, network, customization and clean. With the launching of GWM P-series pickup, Great Wall Pickup firstly opens the 3.0 era of multi-purpose passenger vehicle.  

The exclusive distributor or GWM-Haval, Ace Autos will launch this new model hopefully by end of next year. Along with F7, Haval’s premium luxury brand WEY models will be also introduced in Bangladeshi markets by the distributor who has been marketing Haval products since 2016. Ace Autos is operating with successes in automotive sectors for last 25 years in various capacities.