Guidebooks guide question papers

Question paper of this year’s Bangla 1st paper of SSC Examinations was the carbon copy of a question paper printed in three guide books, according to the findings of a Dhaka Education Board investigation. Officials concerned said the question paper was prepared by Barishal Education Board and it was selected for Dhaka Board’s Bangla first paper examination through lottery.

Informing that officials involved in the misdeed have been traced, Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni Friday called upon different district and police administrations to put an end to the use of note and guide books. She said, “It is impossible for the education ministry alone to stop use of guide books at every corner of the country, without the help of everybody.”

Responding to a query over how the carbon copy of a question paper prepared by guidebooks can be used as a question paper of SSC examinations, the minister said, “Those involved in the misdeed have been detected. The government wants to end the use of guidebooks, because creative question system does not need guidebooks.”

Earlier, on January, 2020, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) declared that to force the students to buy those banned guide books is a punishable offence. Dr Sayed Md Golam Faruk, Director General of DSHE, issued an official notice and sent it to nine regional offices including district and upazila education offices. He accused in the notice that many educational institutions force their students to buy those guide books that is punishable. So, he instructed the officials concerned to take necessary steps to stop selling the banned note and guide books.

Meanwhile, it is found that ignoring the government's ban, the trade of notes and guide books is going on in full swing in the name of supporting books. Even the students of pre-primary level nurseries and kindergartens are not free of those books. Visiting Bangla Bazar book shops, it is found that the banned notes and guide books are being sold in various bookstores including Haque Library, Boi Porichoy, Famous Library, Rajdhani Book House, Dhaka Town Library, Azizia Book House. In addition, almost all book shops in front of the schools in Dhaka are selling those banned books.

The education minister said, “Offering bribe to the teachers, the publishers of those guide books force the students to buy their books.” At that time she urged all to be aware about those books. Talking to the publishers, it was known that more than 50 publications including Anupam Publishers, Puthi Niloy, Jupiter, Kabir and Mizan Publishers, Tamanna publications, Bornomala prokashoni, Munni Prokashoni, Active, Chamak, Fulkuri, Dolna, Sangsad, Popy and many others publications are publishing those banned note and guide books.
However, Lecture and Panjeree publications are doing a monopolistic business countrywide in this sector.

Publisher sources said that the banned books are being traded with an unwritten agreement with teachers' associations nationwide. The owners and proprietors of nearly two thousand libraries are regularly conducting illicit trade in association with those publishers. Several numbers of syndicates have been formed in Bangla Bazar around this illegal book trade. The branches of the syndicates have been spread to various districts of the country including Noakhali Choumuhani, Narayanganj, Comilla, Bogura, Satkhira, Khulna and Jashore.

Mentionable, for the last 6-7 years, the law enforcers have not conducted any operation to stop selling those banned books in Bangla Bazar. ‘Examinees not to be affected for the incorrect question papers’ Candidates who sat for the SSC and the equivalent examinations with wrong question papers will not be affected any way. Their answer sheets have been kept separate.

Education minister Dr Dipu Moni said they will not be affected any way. As per the directives of the Board, this would not have been a problem if separate arrangements were made for regular and irregular examinations.” On the very first day of the SSC examination, there was a problem when the question papers were distributed adding that the examinees will not be affected any way, said Dipu Moni. The officials of the Education Board said the students are given the opportunity to appear for the exam next year after failing the maximum of four subjects in the SSC.

As per syllabus, different question papers are prepared for them. Separate examination halls ar to be set up for regular and irregular examinations but this year the problem has been occurred. Minister said that 52,000 rooms have been prepared this year for the SSC examination but the incident has been occurred in fifteen rooms only. In future, all officials concerned will be aware against the problem and it will be reduced to zero.