Guarantor beaten for not paying loan installment in Mirzaganj

Published : 04 Jul 2022 09:02 PM

In Mirzaganj of Patuakhali, the management committee of Mirzaganj Business Cooperative Society Ltd. has been accused of calling the guarantor of a guarantor and beating him for not paying loan installment money. When the incident came to light, the victims complained to reporters on Sunday.

Guarantor Mohammad Jasim Akon said that Mohammad Abul Hossain Mridha, son of Nuru Mridha of Taltoli village in Mirzaganj union of the upazila had taken a loan of Tk 4 lakh from Mirzaganj Small Business Cooperative Society a few days ago.

“I deposited the check and became his guarantor. Abul Hossain was admitted to Barisal Medical College due to illness for two-three months. Due to this he could not pay the installment. The president of the association Md Al Amin Hossain and his cronies asked me to pay and threatened to beat me if I did not pay. At one stage, on June 25, at around 7 pm, Zakir Mollah, a member of the board of directors of the association, called me inside the association and demanded money. When I wanted to know why I would pay, he started punching and kicking. When I screamed, the locals came forward and rescued me,” he said.

Another guarantor, Milon Majhi, said his cousin took a loan from the association by depositing a government cheque and became a guarantor. He had been coming with regular installments since taking the loan. If his brother could not repay the loan in the middle due to high interest rate, he took me inside the association last Ramadan. At that time, an employee of the association named Bellal started slapping, kicking and punching me for not paying the money. As the president of the association is an influential person, we left without paying any money.

The investigation further revealed that Mirzaganj Business Cooperative Society has been harassing the customers in various ways since its establishment. On the condition of anonymity, many customers complained that they often have to be harassed by paying money. Even after taking interest at a higher rate, many times they pay the installment money but they are not deposited in the paperwork and the money is taken again for the second time by harassing them. In many cases, the customer's motorcycle-autorickshaw and Mahindra are detained and money is extorted from them.

Despite repeated attempts to contact Zakir Mollah, a member of the board of directors of Mirzaganj Small Business Cooperative Society, and Bellal, an employee, no statement was received.

Md. Al-Amin Hossain, the founder and president of the association, said that Zakir Mollah had bought a card from Jasim Akon's wooden shop and was leaving it to make something. If there is a quarrel between them outside, they have been called here, eaten up and settled by arbitration.

About the guarantor Miller Majhi, he said, Milon Majhi took a loan in the name of his wife by depositing a check. There was a little argument with him about the repayment of that loan. Later they took a week to pay the money.

Upazila Cooperative Officer Mohammad Nurul Islam said he had not received any such complaint. If written complaint is received, necessary action will be taken after investigation.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mosa: Tania Ferdous said, "I have not heard the matter and no one has complained. If such an incident occurs, action will be taken as per the rules.”