Growing power sector

Credit to prudence of government policies

It is good to note that the country is set to declare achieving 100 percent (pc) electricity supply to its population by end of this year. Gone were the days when round the clock power supply was more of a distant-dream to us. There was a time when six to eight hours of load-shedding during summer was a regular phenomenon in most of the towns of Bangladesh. Thousand of villages did not have access to electricity. But now, almost every family in the village has a smart phone. One can see children studying under the electric light, villagers watching satellite television channels. This is how electricity has been reshaping thousands of villages as well as the villagers with the pillars of education and development.

The government has integrated a noble vision to ensure reliable electricity to all at an affordable price by the year 2021. As a part of ‘Vision 2021’ the government is working to provide power to remote shoals and islands. The country’s power sector has recently achieved a milestone by providing electricity to Sandwip through submarine cable. Where the grid power is not reachable, the electricity is being provided through the solar mini grid. The Power Division hopes every person of the country will be covered under the power facilities by December this year. Indeed the present scenario of power in the capital reflects the country’s massive progress in power generation.

In order make the country 

self-reliant in power generation,

it will be important to keep the

 pace of development in power 

sector alive

We appreciate the efforts of the government to supply electricity to every corner of the country. The government addressed power and energy as the most essential sectors for sustainable development of the country. Accordingly, it has attached highest importance to regional cooperation in power sector with construction of power plants and grid lines with neighboring countries as well as BIMSTEC nations. Over the last few years, country’s power generation capacity has reportedly increased more than four times, and its consumers thrice.

The efforts of the government to improve country’s power sector set an example for our future leaders. In order make the country self-reliant in power generation, it will be important to keep the pace of development in power sector alive.