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Grid operators expect sharp rise in German electricity consumption

Published : 18 Jan 2020 08:17 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 09:36 PM


Germany's transmission system operators (TSOs) expect a sharp rise in electricity consumption in the country, according to a joint study conducted by 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW and published on Friday. The study found that gross electricity consumption in Germany would increase by 22 percent by 2035 compared to 2018 to a total of 729 terawatt hours.

According to the four TSOs, the rise in electricity consumption would be caused by the "increasing electrification" of car traffic, a growing share of electricity in heat supply, a sharp rise in consumption by data centers and the replacement of fossil fuels by green hydrogen in industry.

The study also considered the effects of Germany's phase-out of nuclear energy by the end of 2022 and the planned phase-out of coal-based electricity generation by 2038 at the latest. According to the study, the share of renewable energies in gross electricity consumption in Germany would double compared to current rates and reach 73 percent to 77 percent by 2035.