‘GPH Ispat launches 600 grade high strength rod’

Published : 22 Mar 2023 09:14 PM

GPH Ispat, a leading steel manufacturer of the country, has announced its revolutionary initiative in the steel market with launching new B600 C-R & B600 D-R rods. 

On the occasion, a technical seminar titled “Countries only high strength and high performing steel GPH Quantum B600 C-R & B600 D-R” was held in a local hotel on Monday with about three hundred engineers and architects. In a press release, GPH Ispat said that their 600 grade rods are stronger than any other rods in the market and is capable of keeping buildings safer during earthquakes.

Padma Bridge Project Technical Team Head and Internationally renowned Structural Engineer Professor Dr. Shamim Z Basunia said GPH Ispat has taken a revolutionary step in the country's infrastructure sector by bringing B600 C-R & B600 D-R to the market.  Engineers and architects can trust this high quality rod.

BUET tested high strength and high performing This rod will reduce the size of the column section in building construction, increase the floor area, and the capacity of carrying permanent and chronic loads will be higher.

GPH Ispat Technical Advisor Major General Abu Sayed Md Masud (retd) said GPH never compromises on quality.  GPH Ispat has an efficient and self-sufficient research and development team.

Dr. Rakib Ahsan, Professor of Civil Engineering of BUET, said that we are conducting research with the Memorandum of Understanding with GPH.  GPH Ispat is cooperating with our research. 

Their collaboration and our research resulted in the B600 C-R & B600 D-R. In this context, this new innovation of BUET will bring drastic changes in the construction sector in the country, reduce construction costs and be environmentally friendly.  Overall safety has been kept in mind first. Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Chairman and Managing Director of GPH Group said, BUET research has discovered B600 C-R & B600 D-R Rod today.  We also want to collaborate with other engineering universities for research. 

Additional Managing Director Mohammad Almas Shimul said, We were trading businessmen in the last century.  Coming into this century we have become industrial entrepreneurs.  

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Shobhan Mahbub Shahabuddin Raj gave a speech of thanks, DGM of Research and Development Saiful Islam gave a multimedia presentation.