Govt works to cope with unemployment

Create additional job scopes for a better economy

Growing job scarcity and unemployment in the current situation of Bangladesh is quite a predicament. Due to the ongoing coronavirus disaster, the number of people hovering around the poverty margin in this country of 16 crore people is so high that it is difficult to deal with.

Nevertheless, the government in particular needs to keep in mind that everything like  budget-growth-development-mega-projects, etc., will become meaningless if it is not earnestly aimed at alleviating the rapidly growing poverty and unemployment.

It is hopeful to know that different organs of the government are leaving no stone unturned - from coordinating policy to training the youth - to deal with the rising unemployment rate and create opportunities for the unemployed, according to a report in this daily. 

The  government in particular needs to keep in mind that 

everything like budget-growth-development-mega-projects, 

etc., will become meaningless if it is not earnestly aimed at 

alleviating the growing poverty

The report also disconcertingly shows that around 14 lakh youth are left unemployed each year which means the combined total figure of unemployment is only on the rise as the years pass by.

At this time in order to counteract this severe problem which is a thorn on the plan for becoming a middle income country by 2021, it is imperative to initiate any and all sorts of measures to expedite the alleviation of unemployed. It needs to be mentioned about the importance of creating job scopes for the public to overcome their financial crisis.

Experts opine that during the coronavirus period, not only financially, but also psychologically, many people have suffered. If immediate arrangements are not made for their employment, dangers and disasters will increase. As the situation worsens day by day, the situation may get out of control in the coming days.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to device an implementable plan that will curb unemployment and create job scopes. 

The nation hopes that the government will realize this fact now and will not make any mistake in trying to save the livelihood and life of the common people at the same time.