Govt working to attain food security

Ensure efficient supply chain management

Published : 16 Oct 2021 09:23 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 12:28 PM

Bangladesh has achieved self-sufficiency in food production and the government is working to implement various programmes to ensure security in producing, marketing and supplying food. Also, our country has witnessed record boro production of more than two crore tonnes in 2020-21 fiscal years, which was highest in the history.  Besides, production of crops including rice, wheat, maize, potato, vegetable, oil seed and lentils this year has increased compared to the last year amid Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been noticed that when many countries in the world are now facing food crisis, Bangladesh is able to keep its food production trend upward and it will be continued in future. While addressing a function marking the World Food Day Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday envisaged that Bangladesh will never face any scarcity of food in future.

Necessary steps should be taken to 

ensure fair price of the food products 

in the local market

Bangladesh so far had seen no food crisis during the onslaught of the global pandemic emerged across the world since 2019. Therefore, we believe the government will be continuing efforts for crop diversification, optimum use of arable land, agriculture modernisation, innovation of climate-tolerant crop varieties and sustainable use of technology aiming to boost crop production in the country.

Apart from these, we all must keep in mind that there is no substitute for safe and nutritious food to ensure public health as eating unsafe food can lead to serious health risks including cancer, kidney disease and disability. Therefore, it is very important to ensure proper implementation of the law and speed up public awareness activities on safe food in coordination with all agencies concerned. 

Besides, an effective food supply chains must be ensured for delivering a product from a field level grower to a consumer. The government must strengthen its monitoring for controlling the prices of food, so that the middlemen cannot make profit illegally. Last but not least, necessary steps should be taken to ensure fair price of the food products in the local market.

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