Govt will ensure housing for all

Whole process should be monitored to check any irregularities

The onset of flooding in the recent months has created a lot of problems for people living in the flood-hit areas. The primary problem faced by the people of the flooded areas is housing. With weather forecasts predicting further worsening of rain and more severity of flooding, it is quite a disconcerting issue holistically. 

Under such circumstances it is comforting to know that the prime minister is keeping a keen eye on this issue and going to take steps to arrange housing for all. A report published in this daily projected that the premier reiterated her steadfast commitment to ensuring housing for all, including the flood and river erosion-hit people, as she inaugurated the world’s biggest rehabilitation project for the climate refugees in Cox’s Bazar. We highly appreciate this statement by the premier as it exhibits her commitment to the people of the flood-hit regions. 

With forecasts predicting floods lasting until 

August or September, the severity of the problem 

leaves little to the imagination

With the sheer number of people that have been dislocated because of floods it is presumably the largest rehabilitation project ever to be undertaken by the government. However, the bigger the project, the bigger are the possibilities and the scope of irregularities. So, it is imperative to monitor the whole process so that no irregularities take place during the implementation of the project. 

Lifestyles are in a critical condition in the north and southeastern regions of the country. The low-lying lands are specially being affected because of the torrential rain. With forecasts predicting floods lasting until August or September, the severity of the problem leaves little to the imagination. 

In Cox’s Bazaar, a total of 4,409 climate refugee families would be rehabilitated at the site of project Ashrayan as the army were assigned to construct 139 five-storey buildings on 253.59 acres of land. This is a great opportunity for mass rehabilitation. 

The authorities concerned should prioritize quick completion of the housing project to alleviate the suffering of the flood-hit people as soon as possible.