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Govt to create disaster risk sensitive databases

Published : 27 Apr 2021 10:05 PM | Updated : 28 Apr 2021 12:34 AM

The government has undertaken an initiative to create disaster risk sensitive databases for Rangpur-Sylhet cities in order to make a proper master plan for development of the country.

As part of its move, a project titled 'Preparation of Risk Sensitive Database for Core Area of Rangpur and Sylhet District Town' has been proposed to the Planning Commission.

The project will be possible to provide necessary additions or corrections to the master plan or architectural design of government installations at the divisional or district level, officials said.

After implementing the project, it is possible to create disaster risk sensitive databases of Rangpur and Sylhet areas, which will help to take necessary initiatives for developing the nation by reducing losses from national disasters, they mentioned.

In addition, the district headquarters will assist in the approval of proposals for construction or expansion of government facilities under the core area task force, they added.

A planning commission official said the project has been proposed to the Planning Commission at the estimated cost of Tk 9.80 crore.

Once approved after processing, it will be implemented by the Department of Urban Development under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works by June 2022, he added.

He further said that disaster risk sensitive GIS (geographic information systems) based databases and reports will be available in the core areas of the district town as output of the project.

Besides, valuable two crop and three crop agricultural lands will be identified in the project area.

In addition, main flow and subflow areas of rivers and canals, tidal areas, water-logging of the force as per river law and areas prone to earthquakes, floods and landslides will be identified.

The main activities of the proposed project are: Physical Feature Survey, Subsurface Geotechnical and Geophysical Study, Survey, Installation of Benchmark Pillars, Project Area Survey through UAV, UAV Image Processing, Survey, 3-D Digitization Editing, Database Referencing, aerial triangulation, printing, architectural drawing, seminars and conferences and so on.

Besides, computers and accessories, other machinery, furniture and equipment will be purchased.

According to sources, the task force under Nikar-1 of the Cabinet Division has approved the expansion of construction of core buildings at the district headquarters as per its terms of reference (division, approval and approval of necessary amendments and additions to the architectural design of district level government installations).

The task force usually approves the proposal by observing the architectural design as per the requirements of the proposing ministry department and inspecting it on the spot if necessary.

But the various environmental data for selecting the right place is not always available to the expectant organization and there is no database to determine the alternative location in the field.

In addition, disaster risk sensitive databases in the core areas of most of the district headquarters of Bangladesh have not been prepared yet, which is very important to decide on the appropriate site for the construction of various government facilities.

As part of its move, the Ministry of Housing and Public Works directed the Department of Urban Development to take necessary steps to implement the project related to Risk Sensitive Database for Core Area. That is why this project has been proposed.