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Govt steps reviving economy gradually

Published : 26 Jun 2020 09:39 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 08:47 PM

Financial activities have begun reactivating gradually with the support of prime minister’s incentive package of Tk 1,03,000 crore to tide over the possible economic fallouts as the country has been put on edge due to coronavirus outbreak.

The implementation of the Tk 5,68,000 crore national budget for 2020-21 fiscal will begin on July 1.
In addition, the business people and traders across the country have already started resuming their activities with expectations and hopes that a new sun will drive out darkness once, economists said.

They said all kinds of economic activities are slowly moving in the face of challenges like the Corona crisis.
Record forex reserve, steady remittance inflow and positive exports are creating new possibilities in trade and commerce, they added.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen have started commercial activities despite fears of being infected with the deadly virus, they said adding that, shops across the country have been opened after the Eid-ul-Fitr.

The overall economy is being revived, they mentioned.
Meanwhile, ordinary people are going out to work in search of livelihood.
Sales have increased in markets, shopping malls, malls, showrooms and fashion houses.

Work has started in all types of government and non-government offices.
Civil society is more vigilant than ever to avoid coronavirus infection.
The use of personal protective equipment has increased a lot, because everyone wants to live a healthy life.

Masks, sanitizers and handwash are now readily available products.
The new 2020-21 financial year is going to start from July 1.

The implementation of the incentive package announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to overcome the Corona crisis has given an impetus to the economy.

In this regard, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced an incentive package of more than Tk 1,03,000 crore before the nation.

This package will be implemented to save lives, he said adding that, food and medical care will be provided to the poor and helpless people and the country's economy will be revived, he added.

He said the country needs to move forward with all the people of the country through a well-thought-out plan to deal with the deadly coronavirus.

Eminent economist Kazi Khaliquzzaman Ahmed said the steps taken in the budget to address Corona are commendable.
“There is emotion in this year's budget, now implementation is most urgent,” he added.
“People's lives must be saved from Corona first,” he said.
If life survives, the economy will also survive, he added.

Besides, an incentive package of Tk 1,03,116 crore was announced for tackling Covid-19 and economic recovery, he mentioned.
The implementation of the issue has also been extensively discussed in the proposed budget, he said.
Commerce secretary Md Zafar Uddin said Bangladesh's economy will be able to turn around again by overcoming the Corona crisis.

With Corona in mind, work is now being done in all sectors of the country, he informed.
He said that all kinds of commercial activities are being conducted in compliance with the hygiene rules.

For this, the supply chain in the market is fine and the prices of goods have not increased, he mentioned.
“Work is being done in the garment factory in accordance with the hygiene rules, the port authority is working 24 hours for timely shipment, there is no problem,” he said.

He added that a strong task force has been formed to deal with corona's losses and overcome them quickly.