Govt spearheads dev works

Foreign investments should be sought

Development is an ongoing process in the country and in order to overcome the blow dealt by Covid-19, it is an essential part of the nation-building process that cannot be overlooked at all. 

Although the government has reduced budget meant for the mega projects in this fiscal year’s allocation, it has not shifted its focus from it entirely. 

In that continuation, the stance of the government to bring in more foreign investment into the country to overcome the crisis and work towards development is highly praiseworthy.

In order to achieve a sense of growing development, it is important to look at the past mistakes and try to work on those. The recent flooding in the country is a great obstacle to development and one that must be dealt with properly as soon as possible. 

Opportunities must also be created so that 

local and foreign investors feel interested 

in investing their capital in Bangladesh

A recent report published in this daily showed that the government is greatly focusing on the development works as the report said that the government is firm on facing the combined challenges and overcoming the crises.

In this regard it is very much prudent to focus on the labour market and create ample job opportunities for the people who have been laid off in the ensuing epidemic. 

Moreover, opportunities must also be created so that local and foreign investors feel interested in investing their capital in Bangladesh which will be a great way to advance the economy further. 

Experts opine that in order to revive the economy and arouse the interest of the investors it is imperative to recover from the current coronavirus condition. 

Only when this is alleviated can a proper push towards investment can be made. On the other hand, we highly appreciate the fact that the prime minister has announced an incentive package of 103 thousand crore taka to rejuvenate the economy once again. 

Above all, considering the current situation it is best to keep the focus on both the private and the public sector equally. When both sides are trying hard, undoubtedly the economy will once again be brought back to its previous condition. 

In order to achieve the goal of becoming a middle-income country within the next few years, this is something that cannot be overlooked.