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Golden jubilee celebration of independence

Govt sets highest priority for 5 areas

Published : 06 Jan 2021 09:53 PM | Updated : 12 Jun 2021 05:29 PM

The government has attached the highest priority on implementation of 100 economic zones, delta plan, SDG and mega projects and strengthen the Anti-Corruption Commission ahead of celebration of the golden jubilee of the country’s independence.

The government at the same time is also showing enthusiasm to fulfil dreams of achieving the developed country status by tackling Covid-19 efficiently.

In implementing Vision-2021 and achieving Vision-2041, the government will walk the path of development by giving priority to five challenges including recovery of damaged economy caused by coronavirus pandemic, a government official said. 

The government sees the new year as a milestone in building a golden Bengal by continuing the trend of development and ensuring good governance. 

In implementing this goal, the government will give special importance to 100 economic zones, delta plans, mega projects, SDG targets and anti-corruption.

A senior official of Finance ministry said the New Year has been welcomed with the challenge of tackling the global corona virus epidemic. 

The celebration of the golden jubilee of independence will focus on economic development activities, the official said adding that in order to offset the economic losses, new incentives will be provided to the informal sector if necessary, including the proper implementation of the incentive packages announced by the Prime Minister for business, trade, industry and mills. 

“The government has an alternative plan for the unemployed people affected by corona pandemic. At the same time, the government will increase the coverage of social security for the extremely poor people. 

Moreover, the government is working to establish 100 special economic zones in the country by 2030, some of which are already progressing after receiving pledges for huge foreign investments, especially in Mirersharai Economic Zone.

A total of 93 economic zones have already been approved. The government has plans to build a big economic zone in Chattogram this year. Almost three million people would be employed in the area.

In this regard, an expert said it will help to add another 1 percent GDP growth for the country.

On the other hand, the main infrastructure of the Padma Bridge is visible.

The government is keen to implement mega projects this year targeting to achieve middle-income and developed country status by 2041. 

The Padma Bridge will be open for people before the next Victory Day.

Besides, the government hopes to launch Metro Rail on the golden jubilee of independence. The Karnaphuli tunnel, which is already 61 percent completed, will be open for people by 2022. And 30 percent of the construction work of the country's first nuclear power project at Rooppur has already been completed.

The government hopes to supply the first unit of 1,200 MW power to the national grid by mid-2023.

Professor Mustafizur Rahman, economist and a distinguished fellow of the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) said, “New incentives need to be given to the newly impoverished people. In the New Year, Bangladesh has to move forward by giving priority to achieving the SDG targets announced by the United Nations by 2030.”

“Even though there was an allocation for the SME sector, people could not take the incentive loan in real sense due to the bank's collateral and some other stringent conditions. But they needed this incentive on urgent basis much earlier,” he added.

He suggested that the terms and conditions for the SME sector should be relaxed in the new incentive package so that SME entrepreneurs can easily avail the incentive. 

Planning Minister MA Mannan told the media despite some stagnation in the implementation of the Delta Plan due to Corona, it will be a priority in the New Year. 

“There is no alternative to bringing development under the same umbrella. The government is emphasizing the Delta Plan for sustainable development,” he added.