Govt’s quest for nutrition security

Far-sighted steps imperative to reduce hunger and undernourishment

For a nation on the brink of development, nutrition security for the people is an absolute must. As reported by this daily on Thursday, to meet the nutritional needs of the population several actions have been carried by the government to create public awareness and provide training to them. 

Many initiatives have been taken to ensure nutrition through fruit production, procurement and use them around the year through the establishment of Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition.

As a consequence of apt and sustainable initiatives implemented by the government, the agricultural sector of the country has gone through a revolution in the last decade. Of late, Bangladesh has achieved self-sufficiency in food production. 

The government should take necessary steps to 

increase and diversify our food production in 

order to reduce hunger and under nourishment

The country has tripled its rice production over the last few decades and the government’s scheme of rural electrification has had played a significant role in boosting the production of the country’s agro produces. 

However, the pandemic and last year's devastating floods have created much uncertainty in the employment sector and in food production, which is likely to increase hunger and poverty in the country.

Since the pandemic has undermined food and nutrition security for many, its effects will likely ripple into the future. Therefore, the government should take necessary steps to increase and diversify our food production in order to reduce hunger and undernourishment.

Though the country has made extraordinary progress in reducing hunger over the last decade, still a significant portion of our population is trapped in food crisis. To free them from the curse of hunger and poverty, our nutrition security measures and poverty eradication programmes need to be strengthened consistently through innovative and multi-dimensional approaches.