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Govt’s initiative about Ayub Bachchu songs

Published : 17 Oct 2020 07:05 PM | Updated : 18 Oct 2020 12:30 AM

Today is the second death anniversary of the country’s legendary guitarist and band star Ayub Bachchu. He died on 18 October 2018. The grief of his passing to the land of no return is still shouldered by his fans.

But there is great news for them. On the eve of the second death anniversary of the beloved artiste, it was learned that measures have been taken to preserve Ayub Bachchu’s songs officially.

Copyright Registrar Zafar Raja Chowdhury confirmed the matter.

Through this, for the first time, songs of any artiste of Bangladesh are being preserved by the government’s initiative. The music people have applauded the issue.

Registrar Zafar Raja Chowdhury said, “A website in memory of Ayub Bachchu has been launched at the initiative of Bangladesh Copyright Office. Initially, 272 of his songs are preserved here. Besides, a YouTube channel named Ayub Bachchu has also been opened. This initiative has been taken out of respect for the legendary Ayub Bachchu and to keep his songs alive from generation to generation. This is the first such endeavour organized by the Copyright Office. We have taken initiative to protect various memories and songs of Ayub Bachchu.”

It is learned that the government is also planning to preserve the songs of other legendary artistes in the future.