Govt plans legal action against e-commerce companies

Formulate new policy to prevent online trade fraud

Published : 15 Sep 2021 09:05 PM | Updated : 16 Sep 2021 12:11 AM

It is good to note that government has planned to take action against e-commerce platforms responsible for scamming people and involved in various irregularities and frauds. Also, the central bank in a letter to the Ministry of Commerce on September 12 made the suggestion saying that it is urgently needed to bring the flourishing e-commerce businesses under regulatory control for checking financial irregularities.

A number of e-commerce companies are adopting new business strategies. In this new business system, online trade operators collect advances from buyers and in some cases, these companies take longer time to deliver the products to the buyers. There are numerous complaints that buyers do not get their money back if companies fail to deliver the products even after months of waiting.

Unethical business practices in 

online shopping platforms have 

become rampant these days 

E-commerce companies which breached law should be held to account. Bangladesh lacks a proper e-commerce policy yet and this loophole is exploited to the maximum by some e-commerce platforms. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a functional e-commerce policy as early as possible. 

Many of these e-commerce platforms do not provide cash-on-delivery facility rather the full price of a particular product has to be paid in advance. In the new e-commerce policy, there has to be an option of cash-on-delivery facility, which will curb the dilemma of not receiving products on time. 

Unethical business practices in online shopping platforms have become rampant these days. Therefore, necessary steps should be taken to deploy a regulatory body to prevent consumers from being deceived.