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Govt plans 50-point-guideline on school reopening

Published : 24 Aug 2020 09:18 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 11:18 AM

The government is formulating a 50-point guideline to reopen schools considering the overall safety of the students. 

Meanwhile, a decision on reopening of academic institutions would be made after August 25 (today), according to Secretary to Secondary and Higher Education Division under the Ministry of Education, Md Mahbub Hossain, in reply to a query on Monday.

“No decision has been made on the reopening of educational institutions. We will inform all in this regard after a final decision,” he said. In addition, the ministry will conduct a meeting today (August 25) on a final decision, ministry sources said. 

After reopening of schools, teachers and students will be required to wear masks, clean their hands and use thermometers, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education sources said. Besides, classes will not be held on all subjects every day like before. Teachers and school managing committee (SMC) members will decide on which day classes will take place.

According to sources, instructions are being prepared on what to do in conducting educational activities keeping the teachers and students of primary schools safe. There will be more than 50 instructions in three categories on how to conduct classes every day. 

These guidelines have been developed following hygiene rules issued by the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Ministry of Health to ensure protection from Covid-19 infection.

Recently, a meeting had been held with the senior secretary of the primary and mass education ministry, to finalize the guidelines. There have been some additions and subtractions in the draft. It will be finalized at another meeting. 

Following approval by the state minister of the ministry, the latter will issue a notification in this regard.

Confirming the matter, senior secretary at the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Akram Al Hossain, said, “Following health safety issues, we are creating guidelines for school management in Covid-19 situations. Everyone has to follow the instructions.”

“Preparations for health care will start 15 days prior to the reopening of schools, he said, adding, “Teachers and students will be given instructions on what to do during the class and how to conduct the class every day.”

However, it may not be possible to reopen educational institutions in September, as it is still unpredictable when the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation will come under control, sources said.

The decision on opening of academic institutions of the country would be learnt after August 25, education ministry sources said.

According to the draft guideline and curriculum plan, three or four students cannot sit on one bench in a classroom as before. Maintaining social distancing, at most two students will sit on one bench. 

Besides, classes from pre-primary level to fifth grade will not be held like before. One level students will take part in classes two or three days a week, or two to three classes per day.

Mentionable, all kinds of educational institutions of the country, including schools, colleges and universities, have been closed for more than five months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The government, however, is gradually reopening all types of establishments, including government and private offices of the country. 

On July 29, the government extended the holidays for educational institutions across the country till August 31 due to the lingering virus outbreak.