Govt planning to mitigate water crisis

Massive project to be implemented to increase supply

Dhaka city has long been suffering from lack of clean water. Though many areas have uninterrupted supply of water, the situation is not the same for every locality. Areas such as Old Dhaka are especially prone to going without water for long periods of time. 

Around 1.60 crore people are living in the capital city and it is projected that the populace would be over two crore by 2023. The capital’s population is increasing by five per cent every year according to research done by a project titled ‘Emergency Water Supply’. 

The Local Government Division has taken up a project titled ‘Emergency Water Supply’ involving Tk 732.42 core to ensure safe and sufficient water supply to the city’s residents. The project aims to supply an additional 447 MLD (Million Litres Daily) water to the Dhaka North and South City Corporation areas. 

We welcome this initiative to ensure

 uninterrupted and safe water supply 

to the city dwellers as

it is a basic necessity for all

Undoubtedly, access to clean and safe water supply is a key element in improving the quality of life. The initiative is sure to go a long way to improve public health, as risk of water-borne diseases will be reduced manifold. Improved sanitation and pure water will also reduce infant and child mortality rates. 

The current state of sanitation and water supply for people living in semi-urban and rural areas is not satisfactory at all. We have to think about them too. The government must ensure that the funding is allocated accordingly.

Currently WASA runs 850 deep tube-wells and five water treatment plants in the city to supply water. About 80 percent of water of WASA supply comes from groundwater, mostly from deep tube-wells, while 20 per cent comes from the surface water, from treatment plants. Under the project, more deep tube-wells will be installed to increase water supply to the city. Rainwater harvesting units will also be installed. 

The project is due to be completed in 2023. We welcome this initiative to ensure uninterrupted and safe water supply to the city dwellers as it is a basic necessity for all. The project will hopefully reduce the suffering of thousands who have to go without water for days.