Govt nears building Digital Bangladesh

Create tech-skilled manpower for speedy digitalisation

The Digital Bangladesh vision that was adopted in 2009 with the aim to achieving the versioned transformation of the country into a digital economy by 2021 has been materialised to a great extent. The four pillars of Digital Bangladesh - Human Resource Development, Connecting Citizens, Digital Government, and Promotion of ICT Industry - are playing a central role in aiding this fantastic growth story.

Recently 207 trainees who completed the ‘ACMP 4.0 Summer 2020’ course have been provided with certificates of completion by the State Minister for ICT. The ACMP 4.0 course aims to provide world-class training in the country for enhancing skills of IT professionals who played a vital role in expansion of business. The newly certified trainees will bolster self-reliance in IT sector of the country.

This is something that has brought smiles to many youths across 

the country. Also, many have been able to come out of depression and 

frustration  caused by  joblessness

On the other hand, the country has achieved much in bringing in foreign currency through outsourcing and freelancing. Moreover, these online earning sources have provided opportunities to get a place of employment in harsh times of unemployment. This is something that has brought smiles to many youths across the country. Also, many have been able to come out of depression and frustration caused by joblessness.

Countrywide connectivity with high-speed internet and networking facilities is one of the top priorities of the government. That is why the Bangabandhu Satelite-1 was launched which has already started functioning. What is impressive is that many people have already started availing the services of the BS-1. Moreover, 28 hi-tech parks around the country are being developed, with a plan to expand the facility to other districts soon. It is evident that with such keen focus on digital 

development of the country, it will not take too long for the nation to see the fulfilment of the vision of Bangladesh to be transformed into a country of digital economy 

by 2021. 

Above all, it is the people that will need to adapt to the digitalisation of the country through becoming tech-skilled. To this end, world-class training is being provided in the country to train up and enhance the skills of IT professionals who will lead the country in future.