Govt mulling license for country’s private resorts

BP Tourism Desk

In a bid to give a boost to the domestic tourism, the government has finalized its plan to bring all the private resorts under a certain policy.

The government has already amended the Bangladesh Hotels and Restaurants Act, 2014 in this regard. As per the amended law from now on prior government approval is a must for construction of a private resort.  

At present there are 200 private resorts across the country almost half of which are situated near and around the capital city.

It is alleged that most of the resorts are not tourist friendly. The resort authorities charge fair and food price at their will. Frequently tourists are to face harassment from resort employees.    

In this regard, civil aviation and tourism ministry deputy secretary Md Jahid Hossain told media that under the new policy resort owners will have to take license like hotels and restaurants. 

“The civil aviation and tourism ministry will define the criteria of the resorts and issue license as per the criteria,” he added.   

Due to lack of certain policy and legal structure no action can be taken against the resort owners although there are allegations against them, he added. 

Apart from this, the government is preparing tour operator law. As as per the tour guide regulation, the tour operators will also have to take license from the ministry, he further informed. 

Mohammad Ali, director general of Tourism Resort Industries Association of Bangladesh said that domestic tourism sector will be benefitted if the government provide license for private resorts. 

“Due to lack of proper policy, domestic tourism sector is lagging behind,” he added.