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Govt lift ban export of raw Jute

Published : 12 Jun 2019 09:02 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 03:46 PM

Country's Jute traders have expressed their mixed reaction over the government's decision to withdraw ban on export of raw Jute named Un-cut, BTR and BWR. They said the decision is perfect and will bring about betterment for the overall jute economy of the country. Md Delwar Hossain, immediate past Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Jute Association (BJA) told Bangladesh Post that this year Jute crop will see bumper production as the weather is most favorable for the Jute cultivation, so in such a situation, the government has taken a right decision on right time.

Normally the condition of both the private and public sector Jute Mills is going very vulnerable, so the government's decision will help a lot to bring a change in the mills. He said the former Jute Minister had imposed the ban on exporting raw Jutes like Un-Cut, BTR and BWR which caused a lot of harm but the present Jute Minister, Golam Dastagir Gazi has been able understand the necessity ahs decided rightly to withdraw the ban.

As the export was banned so last year's export volume declined drastically that caused a huge loss for the Jute traders, Delwar said.
He further said this year the Jute growers will be much benefitted because after a long years this time the price of Jute is satisfactory. Farmers will get at least Tk 2500 to 2600 for per mound of Jute which less than Tk 2000 in previous years.

The Ministry of Jute has issued a circular on May 29 this year in this regard as per the Section-13 of the 'Jute Law-2017', and the circular will come to effect immediately. Earlier on January 18, 2018, the export of raw Jute named Un-Cut, BTR and BWR was made prohibited through a circular.

Meanwhile the Jute sector entrepreneurs have expressed their negative reaction about the government's decision on withdrawing the ban.
Salim Reza, Managing Director of M/S MA Wahab & Sons, told Bangladesh Post that the decision will rather be harmful for the local Jute traders.

"India is the leading Jute importers from Bangladesh, now they will take the opportunity to import better quality Jute from Bangladesh in the name of lower quality varieties like Un-Cut, BWR or BTR", Salim Reza said. He said in one hand India has imposed anti-dumping duty on Jute from Bangladesh on the other hand now will take the opportunity to import much more quantity from Bangladesh this will certainly create harm for the local Jute goods producers as already they are suffering from shortage of Jute.

He alleged that India has somehow created situation to withdraw the ban by the government. Jute growers also opined that now the many farmers are becoming interested back on to the Jute cultivation instead of rice cultivation because of price hike of Jute.