Govt incurs monthly revenue loss Tk 11cr

Fruits imported through Sheola, Zakiganj without car-pass

Published : 03 Feb 2020 07:49 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:42 PM

The revenue of nearly half a crore Taka is being allegedly embezzled daily in importing fruits from India through Sheola Land Customs under Beanibazar upazila in Sylhet and nearby Zakiganj Customs. 

Accordingly, except on the holidays, the government is incurring a monthly revenue loss of Taka 11 crore. The customs and the port authorities don’t follow the ‘Car-Pass’ properly. For this reason, the government is losing the huge amount of money in revenue daily. Sheola Land Port is pioneering in such alleged embezzlement of the revenue, informed port sources and the local traders. 

From last October, fruits are being imported through Sheola land port and the Zakiganj customs station. Moreover, fruits are also imported through Tamabil land port. The imported fruits include- Grape, Pomegranate, Malta and Orange. Although three metric tonnes of fruit is permitted to import through each ‘Car-Pass, in reality four to six metric tonnes of fruits are imported in each ‘Car-Pass’. A total of 15 to 20 vehicles load of goods are being unloaded daily. 

According to Land Port sources, importers used to pay a revenue of Taka 52,000 for per metric tonne of grape, Taka 47,000 for per tonne of Pomegranate and Taka 31,000 for per tonne of orange. It is further alleged, car pass is issued wantonly at Zakiganj customs. A fruit trader requesting anonymity informed, nearly 15 to 20 metric tonnes of fruits are imported daily through Zakiganj Customs without paying any revenue.

Meanwhile, importer Abul Kalam at Zakiganj informed, the importers do not siphon off any revenue and they only import fruits as against the demand. Mujibur Rahman, Superintendent of Customs of Zakiganj refuted the allegation of embezzlement of revenue in importing fruits.  He said, 50 to 55 metric tonnes of fruits are imported daily through the riverine route and those are delivered through the proper car pass.

Partha Ghose, Officer of Tamabil Port informed, import of fruit through Tamabeel remained suspended at present though, occasionally, Bhutanese oranges are imported through this port.