Govt getting tough on gold smuggling

Go after the culprits without any fear or favour

Published : 26 Oct 2021 08:39 PM | Updated : 27 Oct 2021 02:38 PM

The government is losing a huge amount of revenues due to illegal efforts of bringing gold into the country. As the neighbouring country consumes 80 percent of the global gold, unscrupulous people are using Bangladesh as a safe route for gold smuggling. To identify those who are involved in smuggling, authorities concerned have intensified their surveillance.

According to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) information, to reduce gold smuggling and other untoward incidents, the whole airport is now brought under continuous surveillance. From entrance to cargo handling monitoring has been intensified using CCTV. Besides, security and checking has been also made stronger.

Law enforcement agencies must stop neglecting 

this issue and bring people to justice who are 

involved in gold smuggling 

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Law enforcement agencies must stop neglecting this issue and bring people to justice who are involved in gold smuggling. It is time to go after the culprits without any fear or favour.

For a long period of time, some corrupt Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) officials have been involved in crimes such as corruption, gold smuggling, drug peddling, and human trafficking. 

It is not the first time that we have witnessed such pejorative corruption reports against CAAB, however, no tangible action has been taken to save this organization from this deep hole. In fact, things have taken a worse turn. 

However, time has now come to take strict measures against the powerful clan inside CAAB who consistently get away with their wrongdoings. Top bosses of CAAB must be held accountable as well for the level of mismanagement and irregularities that happen in their organisation.

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